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Stray lions roaming in Mufakose, Kuwadzana, Kambuzuma and Highfields

The Parks & Wildlife Management Authority of Zimbabwe wishes to dispel messages about stray lions roaming in Mufakose, Kuwadzana, Kambuzuma and Highfields being circulated on social media as false. We have been inundated by telephone calls from Harare residence who are now fearing for their lives.

We wish to assure the public that there are no stray lions roaming in Harare. Over the past two days, we have been dispatching teams to the alleged areas to assess the situation. The team observed spoors of dogs and civet cats, which were mistakenly identified as lion spoors by the residents.

We also wish to inform the public that all lions being kept at Lion & Cheetah Park are safely in their fences, contrary to reports that some have escaped. We wish to advise the public to verify any reports on stray dangerous wild animals with the ZimParks Public Relations Department.

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A man travelling from Hwedza to Harare, Grey Mupinganjira aged 32, has been arrested for illegal possession of an Egyptian Cobra, female, 1.3 metres long. The man was arrested at a road block when police noticed something move in his bag. It is at this point that he was asked to reveal the contents. The police were shocked to learn that not only was he carrying a live snake but one of the most poisonous snakes.


When being interviewed by Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority officials who had been called in to rescue the snake, the man revealed that he wanted to get rid of it as he was convinced it was his source of problems. He was however quick to mention that rescuing the snake by Zimparks officers was of no use as the snake was going to find its way back to him. He was previously arrested by police for the same offense when he was taking three black mambas to Malawi, the man said.

He is currently in police custody and is expected to appear in court tomorrow (15 September 2015) facing charges of contravening section 59 of the Parks and Wildlife Act Chapter 20:14(b).

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority wants to appeal to the public not to keep dangerous and or poisonous snakes in their homes as not only are they not skilled in keeping and handling them but also that it is an offense to remove wildlife from its natural habitat without a permit.


On the 7th of October 2015, an adult male elephant was hunted as a trophy by a foreign client through a locally registered safari company in Malipati Safari area. The elephant had tusks weighing 55 and 54 kilogrammes respectively.

In Zimbabwe hunting is legally permitted in the following land tenure categories, State safari areas and gazetted indigenous forests, in communal areas under the Communal Areas Management Programmes for indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE) and on private land. Malipati Safari Area, is part of the Parks and Wildlife Estate, located in the south eastern part of the country and adjacent to Gonarezhou National Park. Currently, Malipati Safari Area is being leased out to the Chiredzi Rural District council under the CAMPFIRE arrangements where communities will benefit from revenue generated from wildlife based projects including hunting in the area. Such hunts go a long way in assisting communities in the surrounding area.

The elephant population of Gonarezhou-Malipati complex is estimated of 11 452 elephants from the 2014 aerial survey. Malipati safari area is allocated sustainable quota and hunting permit for all wildlife species including elephants on annual basis.

Zimbabwe subscribes to the principle of sustainable utilization of its natural resources, including consumptive and non-consumptive utilization of wildlife. Wildlife utilization programmes and projects generate revenue that is used to develop local community areas and contribute to the improvement of living standards of local communities that live with wildlife or adjacent to protected areas and to support conservation programmes.

We note that there has been a misleading article in social media saying that the Elephant in question was shot in Gonarezhou National Park and that as a rule, we do not permit hunting in all National Parks of Zimbabwe


The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority would like to inform its valued stakeholders in the Travel Sector that it has finalised provisions to engage Travel Agents and Tour Operators to sell its accommodation facilities and packages using S.T.O. Rates. This is to make it easier for visitors to make holiday bookings.

All organisations in the Tourism sector that are interested in doing business with Zimparks are invited to follow this link for these two downloads (pdf) with requirements and the agreement.…/ZPWMA%20Agency%20Agreement%202015……/Requirements%20to%20Register%20as…


Please email any enquiries to the Marketing Manager on


On the 19th of October after midday, a woman, Olivia Ndlovu, 68, was trampled by a buffalo in ward seven, Tsholotsho. Olivia had gone to collect cattle when the buffalo pounced on her. She broke a leg and an arm and some ribs.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority Public Relations Manager Caroline Washaya-Moyo said Olivia was take n to Pumula Hospital by a police vehicle that was patrolling in the area. She was later transferred to Tsholotsho that evening and then Mpilo Hospital the same evening. An x-ray was taken and other tests conducted. Sadly she passed on Wednesday before receiving any treatment. CAMPFIRE officials only received the news on arrival at the hospital with money for medication.

Game rangers who were patrolling the area tracked and killed the buffalo on Wednesday after it had also attacked a 4 year old girl, Naide Ngwenya. She is in hospital in Tsholotsho with a fractured left leg. Council, Rural District Council are taking care of all medical expenses.

She added that further investigations have since revealed that the buffalo was wounded possibly by poachers hence the violent behaviour since it had spear wounds.

Burial arrangements for Olivia are yet to be finalised but council and Safari Operators in the area will take care of all expenses.



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