Three poachers shot in two days.

Three poachers shot in two days.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority confirms the death of another poacher in Morongora. The poacher, a suspected Zambian was shot and killed during a contact yesterday, 11/01/2017 in Hurungwe Safari Area. The suspected Zambian poachers who were three in total and during a contact the other two escaped while one was killed during an exchange of fire. This follows the death of two Zimbabwean poachers who were shot and killed in Hwange National Parks during a contact with law enforcement officials and rangers.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority said the following items were recovered from the scene where the suspected Zambian poachers were found…

458 rifle and 15 live rounds

A specified hunter’s knife

Miner’s torch and two batteries

Cell phone and airtel sim card

2 jackets

Three black long polythin plastics and food stuff with Zambian labels were also recovered.

Investigations are continuing.

The rate at which poachers are gaining illegal entry into protected areas is indication of the amount of pressure the country’s wildlife resources is being put under. The Authority however warns strongly would be poachers that illegal entry into these protected areas will have dire quensequncies. The mandate of the Authority is to protect and conserve the country’s wildlife resources and rangers patrolling the Parks Estate will do so at whatever cost. Zimparks further appreciate the level of commitment, dedication and alertness being exhibited by our rangers who despite resource challenges and varying weather conditions, continue to remain focussed on their duties.

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