Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority’s cheetah successfully raises five cubs

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority’s cheetah successfully raises five cubs

A cheetah from Hwange National Park has successfully raised five cubs in the past ten months to date. She has become the only cheetah in the country to see her young ones survive for this long a period. The cheetah whose ID for the Cheetah project is HNP013 was born in December of 2010 in a litter of three cubs and has been a study animal since 2011. She had her first litter of 3 cubs in 2014 and all 3 dispersed in 2016. It is sad that one died in a road collision soon after dispersal. This litter of five is her second litter and as Zimbabwe we certainly hope she manages to keep all five to the end. Good luck raising your offspring HNP013!!

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority spokesperson Caroline Washaya-Moyo added that the Authority is thrilled that all the five cubs have made it this far adding that tourism in Zimbabwe is wildlife based and such rare phenomenon will help increase tourist arrival in the park. She is indeed an iconic cheetah.

Washaya-Moyo added that the cheetah in Zimbabwe is in appendix 1 of CITES,  But from an ecological perspective, the environment is ideal for cheetahs but other than natural causes of death, the population is affected by human activities which include road kills as well as snares.


This picture of the cheetah and her cubs was taken by Lovelater Sebele, Hwange National Park resident ecologist and Public Relations Assistant. The picture was taken in May 2016.


Zimbabwe is home to 150-170 adult cheetahs and of these 80% are in wildlife protected areas while 20 % are on commercial farmland. This is according to Van der Meer, 2016 in the cheetahs of Zimbabwe distribution and population status 2015.

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