Matobo National Park

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Matobo National Park Overview

The park of international acclaim occupies a total area of 44 500 hectares . Established in 1953, the park was awarded World Heritage Status in June 2003. The park is an Intensive Protection Zone for endangered black and white rhinocerous. The park offers a diverse package of tourist attractions and activities.

The park is rich in cultural history which is resembled in numerous cultural and historical sites. The park is located 34 kilometres south of Bulawayo along the Kezi / Maphisa road. The main road to Maleme is tarred while all other park roads are gravel and mostly in good condition.

The park is well known for its unique balancing rock features with the popular “mother and child” balancing rocks.

There are curio souvenir sales crafted by the local communities around the park.

The park has a quiet and unpolluted environment idea for outdoor outings with friends, family, schools, churches, and corporates

The park is excellent for educational trips for schools, colleges and universities. The park is rich in history, geography and tourism aspects for students learning.

For Central reservations:

Telephone Details

WhatsApp: +263 776 134 164

Calls: +263 242 706077/8 or  +263 8677 707627

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Featured Attractions

1. Unique balancing rocks in the park.

2. The Grave of Cecil John Rhodes

3. Wildlife and flora and fauna

4. Cultural villages and community craft centres


Maleme lodges for self catering accommodation. Maleme has 23 facilities, 3 executive, 15 standard self contained lodges and 5 chalets with communal ablutions. Facilities have a capacity of 80 guests at full capacity. There are kiosks within the park at the entrance points and at Maleme lodges. For clients communication we have WiFi and entertainment wise we have DSTV at the reception lounge and in one of the executive lodges .  Renovations of lodges are in progress with only two lodges pending completion.

The park has camping sites that include Maleme, Sandy Spruit, Mtshelele, Togwana and Mesilume


Your answer lies in the Matopo conference centre for all your conferencing needs. Carry capacity is 40 clients, with modern equipment moveable projection screen and projector.


Picnic sites at Sandy Spruit, Maleme, Mtshelele, Mpopoma, Mesilume dams and Rhodes Grave and other  unpopular sites for family, church, corporate and other outings.

Fishing is done in different dams namely, Mpopoma, Maleme, Togwana, Sandy Spruit and Mesilume.

Boat launch is done at Mtshelele Dam. While you are in Matopo you can enjoy our sports facilities from tennis, basketball, volleyball to pool @ Maleme Lodges. Schools and clubs can come for tournaments and practices.

Park Fees

Conservation Fees

Park Daily Conservation Fees

(Day Visitors – Locals)

Daily Conservation Fees

(Accommodated Visitors – Locals)

Daily Conservation Fees

(Day Visitors – SADC)

Daily Conservation Fees

(Accommodated Visitors – SADC)

Daily Conservation Fees

(Day  Visitors – Internationals)

Daily Conservation Fees

(Accommodated Visitors – Internationals)

Matobo 40.00 20.00 12.00 6.00 15.00 8.00


Accommodation Fees

  Non – Residents (US$) Locals (ZW$)
Lodge 2 bedrooms (Fish Eagle 3 beds) 200.00 2260.00
Lodge 2 bedrooms (3 beds) Non renovated 103.00 1300.00
Lodge 1 bedroom (2 beds) Non renovated 86.00 1000.00
Black Eagle & Imbila Executive Lodge (2 bedrooms) 250.00 2700.00
Chalet 2 bedrooms (3 beds) 69.00 800.00
Chalet 1 bedroom (2 beds) 40.00 400.00
Camping/Caravan/person 10.00 100.00
Lodge 1 bedroom (Double bed) (Renovated) 120.00 1400.00
Lodge 2 bedrooms (3 beds) (Renovated) 175.00 1800.00


Tour Operator Fees                                     

Fees for Tour Operators Annual Game Drive Permits

Tour operator’s Game Drive permit
Local Operators Charge/Annum (US$)
Motobo $800.00

Fees for Tour Operators Annual Walking Permit

Resident Tour Operator
Matobo $600.00



  • Curio shop
  • Convenience store
  • Pool table
  • Tennis Court
  • Basketball court
  • Braai stands
  • Conference room

How to get there

The park is located 34 kilometers south of Bulawayo along the Kezi / Maphisa road. The main road to Matopo is tarred while all other park roads are gravel and mostly in good condition.


  • Game viewing – visitors can use tour operator vehicles or their own vehicles. Whovi wild area, a protected game area is home to more than 60 animals’ species and hundreds of birds.


  • Rhino walks – an armed ranger is available on booking at Sandy Spruit, Maleme and white waters offices for a memorable rhino safari experience


  • Fishing – can be done in most dams to those that will have paid fishing fees


  • Boating – privately owned boats are allowed on certain dams


  • Hiking – there is great excitement of climbing the Pomongwe Hill which gives one a good view of the central part of the park.


  • Bird watching – great opportunity to see the several eagle species and other birds.



  • 33 Miler Road Race – unique marathon event that is conducted within the park at particular times of the year.


  • Matobo Heritage Ride – a cycling event that attracts cyclists across Africa is hosted within the park at particular times of the year.

What to take with you

Camping equipment for campers, picnic items, food stuffs. Also useful to take are binoculars and camera.

Share with us about your experience at the Zimbabwe Parks and wildlife


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Contact Details

Patridge Marimbe (Business Enterprise Manager) Email:, Cell: +263 777 283 586

Mr Magodhi (Tourism Manager) Email:, Cell: +263 772 226 221

Bulawayo Reservations Email: , Cell: +263 719 740 002

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Featured images of animals and the parks


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Zimparks guns down hippo in Nyanyadzi

August 31, 2017August 31, 2017
Inset from Zimpapers. THE Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority last week shot dead a hippopotamus that was damaging winter wheat in Nyanyadzi. The hippo, which had a calf, is believed to have escaped from Save Conservancy. ZPWMA ordered the shooting of the hippos after traditional leaders in the area reported that it was damaging crops and endangering lives. ZPWMA officer, Mr John Danfa, said they were still hunting for the calf which is believed to have found habitat along Save River. “Usually hippos move up and down rivers during the rainy season. We believe the two escaped from Save Valley Conservancy. They were both females and they do not usually click if there is no male. “They are believed to have separated. We received reports from traditional leaders in Hot Springs and Nyanyadzi that these hippos were feeding on wheat and crops in their fields.” “People’s lives were endangered so the authorities ordered its killing. The first time we attempted to kill it, it was in the company of so many cattle and could not do anything. Our officer teamed up with villagers to track it until last week when it was shot down in Nyanyadzi”. The officer is said to have fired 12 shots before the hippo died. The meat was shared by villagers. One of the villagers in Dirikwe village, Mr Tapiwa Munyati, said: “This hippo was becoming a threat to human lives in the area. It was being spotted near homes at night. “There are vegetable gardens along one of Save River’s tributaries where it was being spotted.“We were told that hippos do not like light and the danger was that lives would have been lost.” “A villager survived death by a whisker recently when the hippo strayed into his homestead.“He went out of his house to investigate when his dogs were barking. He had a torch and the hippo advanced towards him. “Fortunately he managed to escape the attack and notified other villagers and the village head. We are appealing to the responsible authorities to make sure that the remaining one is also killed,” said Mr Munyati.